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  • Michelle Jobson

    Michelle Jobson

    Co-Founder of Go Girls Foundation

    Dip.T.(Phys.Ed), B.A.(Psych), Grad.Dip.(Org.Psych) inc

    As an educator, Michelle has always been passionate about the empowerment of women and girls through education. With a strong background in teaching, corporate facilitation, and as a business owner, Michelle has conceptualised, developed and written dynamic, ground-breaking programs. As a skilled business woman in her own right, Michelle has been involved in and lead many diverse corporate and community projects. Michelle has seen, first hand, the challenges that face women; issues related to newly arrived immigrants, domestic violence, homelessness, return to work, and women’s health. She believes that there lies enormous potential in every woman and with unconditional care and the right tools, every woman, no matter her circumstance, can realize that potential. Michelle is an active member of Go Girls, continuing to develop and deliver programs for women. While constantly involved in raising funds, as the Co Founder, she is often the face and voice for the Foundation. She is a passionate advocate for women and she is constantly striving to provide a platform where women can be connected, honoured and celebrated. While Michelle’s greatest joy has come from raising five sons, her work with the Go Girls Foundation has brought her enormous satisfaction and balance, to an already hectic and full life.

  • Rita Bottomley

    Rita Bottomley

    Co-Founder of Go Girls Foundation

    B.A., B.B.Sc., M.Sc., (Psych), Cert IV TAA

    As a registered psychologist, Rita runs a private practice and has been dedicated to offering high-quality counselling to people of all ages from different backgrounds and life circumstances for over 20 years. Rita’s extensive experience and knowledge led to the publication of the Fairfax book ‘Stop Surviving and Live Your Life – A journey towards fulfilling your potential,’. Rita has a deep understanding of human behaviour, mental health and psychological development. Her passion is to encourage clients to trust and believe in themselves so they can make a shift from helplessness to empowerment. Rita has also worked extensively in various organisations developing and conducting workshops on communication skills, stress management, goal setting and conflict resolution. Rita brings her expertise and the values of compassion, acceptance and courage to the Go Girls Foundation as a facilitator, a counsellor and as a co-creator of its many empowerment programs for women. Rita strongly believes that women can make great contributions to the world regardless of their circumstances and they have the potential to make a difference. Rita loves to travel and lives a happy home life with her husband David and their three children.

  • Damian Paull

    Damian Paull

    Chair of Go Girls Foundation

    Damian is the National Director of the Office of both the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) and the Audit and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB), where he is tasked with implementing the ‘One team, two identities, no surprises’ strategic direction for both organisations.

    Damian has a tremendously diverse background, including teaching, law enforcement, working as a regulator, working in small and large businesses in risk, compliance and operations, and as a CEO, building capability within the not-for-profit sector to lead and bring about positive change.

  • Fergus Creese


    Bachelor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Fergus’s experiences within ed-tech startups bring leadership, strategic vision, commercial scale and a love for the creative process.

    In a board environment, Fergus brings clarity of purpose, values and direction while utilising diverse perspectives, information and alternatives towards effective decision making and strategic planning.

    Fergus has a love of sustainable growth and is determined to make a positive impact by growing the number of programs in Australia. He is motivated by the outcomes of the Go Girls programs and is driven to create lasting independence to a greater number of women in Australia.

    Fergus has been awarded 30 Under 30, Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in Australia and is recognised as a global Entrepreneurial leader by EdTech Digest.

  • Craig Jobson


    Diploma of Teaching (Dip T. Phys Ed), Bachelor of Education (BA) CEO, Energy Innovations Australia

    With a broad experience in the field of education, Craig has always held highly the need for giving. This was demonstrated as a teacher; guiding and mentoring his students, and later in business, his clients; giving of his time, knowledge and support. As the CEO of two successful Australian companies Craig has always valued giving back to the community and the Not for Profit sector; whether by way of professional service, or donations of time and financial resources. Craig’s involvement with Go Girls stems back to the inception of the whole Go Girls concept in 2010, and he has been involved in many facets of this amazing NFP, including sponsoring, fundraising, event management, and even bus driving for the women who are on their Go Girl journey to independence and fulfilling, productive lives. Craig was invited to join the Board in 2017 and is now actively involved in many aspects of the foundation’s work. This was an honor for him to accept after seeing how Go Girls has changed the lives of many women. Craig believes in the mantra of Sir Winston Churchill who once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

  • Helen Purvis


    B.A , LLB

    As a legally qualified marketing executive who has made the transition from legal practice to develop a career in marketing and business development, Helen has spent most of her career in professional services organizations, working with top tier national law and accounting firms, boutique firms and consultancies.

    Helen brings to the Board a wealth of experience in marketing and communications including strong written and verbal communications skills, organisational and project management experience and a good commercial understanding of driving business outcomes.

    Helen commenced her involvement with Go Girls in late 2017 as an Industry Link for the Step Up and Go program and following on from this was invited to join the Board at the end of 2018.

    Helen is passionate about empowering women to succeed in the workplace and reach their full potential and gain financial independence. She has raised three children including two strong, independent daughters and now enjoys watching all her children make their own way in the world.

    Helen works as a marketing consultant and enjoys travelling with her partner in her spare time.

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