Go Girls Work Ready Program

The Go Girls Work Ready Program is a sequential four-month program that assists 10 to 12 women in need, to become work ready. It is different from other employment programs as it develops job skills and at the same time has a strong focus on positive psychology.  The focus on personal development enables women to overcome obstacles that traditionally get in the way of successfully becoming employed.

All participants are given the opportunity to develop a resume, practice interview skills, job search, explore employment opportunities and prepare for job interviews. The women experience a sense of belonging to the Go Girl Community where credible industry links and mentors play an important role throughout their transition.  Skills developed along the way are: organisational, communication, goal setting and planning, evaluating and problem-solving.

The Go Girls Work Ready Program includes women of all ages from diverse backgrounds: women who are long-term unemployed, victims of domestic violence, teen mothers, women from migrant backgrounds and women experiencing difficulty. Throughout the program, the participants display increased levels of responsibility and take more directed and focused action. The women gain a stronger sense of self and have more control of their life. This invariably has a ripple effect on their significant others and as a result, whole families and communities can be influenced in a positive way.

Go Girls Work Ready Program

A four month program to assist women to find focus, direction and to become work ready.

  • Information Session, Recruitment, Screening and Orientation

    Half Day Workshop

    Job coaches from WIRE recruit and recommends suitable women. Go Girls Foundation in partnership with WIRE screen women through an information session/interview process.

  • Dare to Dream Workshop

    Full Day Workshop

    What do I want? What are my dreams and hopes?

    This is a one-day workshop where participants are encouraged to create their reality and take control of their future through exploration of their dreams and aspirations.

    The participants work on what they really want out of life…what they want to do, who they want to be and where they want to go. They are offered the opportunity and time to work out the first steps to the ‘how’.

    • Mentoring
    • Debriefing
    • Buddy System
  • Morrisby Career Test

    Full Day Workshop

    This is a one-day workshop where participants complete an online career test which measures their abilities, their interests and their personality type. They receive a written customised report with a list of options about different employment pathways. Participants are individually debriefed by trained staff.

    • Resumes Preparation
    • Morrisby Feedback
  • Career Workshop

    Full Day Workshop

    This is a one-day workshop run by a Career Counsellor from Victoria University which helps the participants to understand, navigate and utilise the various job search networks as well as starting to prepare resumes.

    • Resumes Finalised
  • Ready for Work Day

    Full Day Workshop

    Am I ready for an interview?

    This is a workshop held on the premises of Wear for Success where stylists help participants to choose a ‘corporate’ outfit to wear during job interviews. Participants learn how to apply makeup to complement their outfit. Participants also have individual coaching and role-play sessions with a recruitment expert in interviewing skills. Each participant is coached for the Industry Link Program.

    • Industry Links
  • Job Search Workshop

    Full Day Workshop

    Finding a job?

    Participants are ready to start applying for jobs and are coached through the various pathways associated with job searching. Computer skills are also developed.

    • Applying for Jobs
  • Dare to Believe

    Full Day Workshop

    Who am I?

    What are my strengths and talents? This workshop brings together an inspirational energy that is driven by real change and success as the participants continue to harness the momentum of redefining their future. The participants will have a stronger sense of who they are and what they are capable of; they will learn how this impacts on their goals, their dreams and their job prospects.

    • Applying for Jobs
  • Dare to Receive Workshop

    Full Day Workshop

    How do I feel? Am l worthy?

    During this one-day workshop participants gain a stronger sense of self-worth and a feeling of “I am good enough”. Every person has a right to be happy and to feel joy. Participants learn to be more receptive to positive experiences and self-respect and self-acceptance are cultivated.

    • One-on-One Counselling
    • Video Production
  • Dare to Achieve Retreat

    Three Day, Two Night Retreat

    How do I plan for my future?

    This retreat is designed to help the participants open the door to the rest of their life so that they can become the woman they were meant to be – a woman who is closer to understanding and honouring who she really is – experiencing feelings of joy, success and courage. The courage to believe that they can dream, believe in themselves and that they can reach their potential. Participants develop a life plan and have a clear sense of direction and their future.

    • One-on-One Counselling
    • Video Production
  • Date to be Pampered Day

    Full Day Workshop

    Do I look and feel the part?

    A day out in the minibus!! Participants are gifted a new hair style from a leading hairdressing salon in St Kilda.

    • Completion of Video
  • Celebration Luncheon

    Be a guest at a beautiful celebration.

    At the end of the program participants, sponsors and supporters attend a celebratory luncheon. The twelve women officially graduate and a video is played capturing the experience of the women’s four-month Go Girls Work Ready Journey.

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