Survivorship Program

The Go Girls Foundation assists women who are recovering from cancer to get their lives back on track. They work closely with women in transition and recognise that there is a service gap in the treatment of cancer survivors. With the proven methodology in place and a high need in the community, the Go Girls Foundation developed a program that specifically caters to the needs of cancer survivors.

It is commonly reported that women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are plunged into emotional turmoil and the distress that follows has a devastating impact on their psychological well-being.

“Everything about a woman’s life is changed by the cancer experience, and the physical and psychological difficulties can be demanding. Every cancer sufferer needs to go through an extraordinary process of re-adjustment after the treatment.” – H.H. Schnipper (Social Oncologist and breast cancer survivor)

Go Girls is well aware of the additional impact of those who are also confronted by social and economic factors or who are living in remote areas and are isolated. This scenario is overwhelmingly distressful. Go Girls is well equipped to help breast cancer survivors manage such an intense life transition.

Go Girls Foundation is passionate about connecting women. The workshops are the foundation for bringing women together so that they can support one another. This increases the quality of life and decreases the problems created by isolation.

“Research shows that those survivors who have multiple sources of support do better than those who are more isolated.”– H.H. Schnipper (Social Oncologist and breast cancer survivor)

Go Girls is focused on increasing women’s psychological well-being. The Foundation works with groups of women because the power of sharing and connecting with groups has significant positive outcomes. The Survivorship Program can also assist survivors to regain the confidence that they need to transition back into the workforce.

Go Girls is dedicated to making a positive impact for women recovering from cancer. Women are encouraged to look forward with hope and to take action towards a fulfilling life post-cancer.

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